Monitoring activities

Monitoring visits

The Ombudsman’s legal case officers are not only working on cases behind their desks. One of the important tasks which takes place away from the office is the monitoring visits.

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One or more themes for the annual monitoring visits are selected each year.

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Other types of monitoring activities

Forced deportations

The Ombudsman has been assigned the task of observing how the police escort foreign nationals out of Denmark when they are deported. In some instances, a legal case officer from the Ombudsman’s office comes along for part of or for the whole journey as an observer.

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Equal treatment of persons with disabilities

It is the Ombudsman’s task to keep up with developments regarding equal treatment of persons with disabilities. Among other things, the task is solved by carrying out monitoring visits to public facilities and buildings where the objective is to secure inclusion of persons with physical disabilities. This means that persons with disabilities have access to public facilities on equal terms with others.

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