To reject the complaint because we are barred from investigating the case

The reasons why the Ombudsman cannot investigate a complaint are typically the following: 

  • That the citizen has not complained to other appeals bodies first. The Ombudsman can only consider a complaint when all other channels of complaint are exhausted. An industrial injury case must, for example, be considered by the Labour Market Insurance first and then the National Social Appeals Board before the Ombudsman can consider the case.
  • That the complaint falls outside the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction, such as complaints about a private company or the courts.
  • That the complaint is time-barred. A complaint must be sent to the Ombudsman within 12 months from the time when the citizen has received the authority’s decision. The deadline for lodging a complaint with the Ombudsman is calculated from the date when the higher administrative authority has reached a decision.

If the Ombudsman cannot consider the complaint (because it falls outside his jurisdiction), the legal case officer will write a letter to the citizen explaining why the Ombudsman has to reject the complaint.

Even if the Ombudsman does not undertake a further investigation of the case, the citizen must expect that the authorities involved will be informed of the Ombudsman’s reply regarding the complaint.