Your talk with a staff member at the Ombudsman institution

You can discuss your case with one of the Ombudsman institution’s legal case officers – for example if you have doubts whether the Ombudsman can process your complaint.

Please note that

1. Your case will not be processed during the talk

You may present your case briefly and get an assessment of whether the Ombudsman can process your complaint, or if you have other options regarding your complaint.

2. The legal case officer you are talking with is not necessarily going to be processing your case

If the Ombudsman receives a complaint from you for further investigation, it will be allocated in the same way as all other complaints submitted to the Ombudsman.

3. The Ombudsman must observe the rules of the Ombudsman Act

The Ombudsman determines which complaints (or parts of complaints) he will investigate. This is stipulated in the Ombudsman Act. 

4. The Ombudsman cannot make a new decision in your case

The Ombudsman can express criticism to the authorities and recommend that they for instance reopen a case. This follows after a thorough investigation of the case.