What falls outside the Ombudsman’s jurisdiction

Judgments, sentences and courts of justice

Consistent with established practice, the Ombudsman does not consider cases or questions that are currently being processed by the courts or are expected to be processed by the courts.


Complaints about judges can be submitted to the President of the Court or to the Special Court of Indictment and Revision.

Certain dispute boards and boards of appeal

  • Dispute boards, for example boards regarding inspection of boundary lines between properties, rent control boards, the Consumer Complaints Board and the Disciplinary Board of the Danish Bar and Law Society.
  • Approved private boards of appeal, such as the Telecommunications Complaint Board, the Danish Financial Complaint Board, the Insurance Complaints Board and the Complaints Board for sale and purchase of real estate.

Danish Parliament (’Folketinget’) and laws passed by Parliament

The Ombudsman cannot process complaints about the Danish Parliament (‘Folketinget’) and the substance of the laws passed by Parliament. He can, however, process complaints about statutory orders and other rules laid down by an administrative authority.

Goods and services

Normally, the Ombudsman cannot consider complaints about private companies, such as shops and the commodities they sell.

Private companies are, among others: PostNord, Nets DanID A/S, telephone companies, financial institutions, mortgage-credit institutions, insurance companies, trade unions and shops (including internet shops).

The Danish Competition and Consumer Authority can give you further guidance on the channels of complaint if you are dissatisfied with a commodity or the service provided. Please find further information on the website https://www.en.kfst.dk/.

Complaints about marketing activities – for example spam mails – can be submitted to the Danish Consumer Ombudsman