Is it possible to talk with one of the Ombudsman’s legal case officers

Citizens are welcome to telephone us for guidance on whether the Ombudsman can help. It is also possible for citizens to show up in person on the Ombudsman institution’s address in central Copenhagen.

Information about telephone hours and the possibility for enquiries in person 

At the Ombudsman institution, it is possible to talk with a legal case officer who can give guidance on whether the Ombudsman can help. You can also submit a complaint. It is a good idea to telephone ahead and schedule an appointment if you wish to talk with a legal case officer.

We ask the citizens to have the decisions, they wish to complain about, ready before telephoning or attending a meeting at the Ombudsman institution.

Normally, we do not consider a case straightaway. This, among other things, is because the Ombudsman processes complaints in written form.

It is necessary to submit a complaint in written form even though you have talked with one of the Ombudsman institution’s legal case officers.