How to send a complaint

If you want to complain to the Ombudsman, we recommend that you use the Ombudsman’s complaint form. Please note that you cannot use the English complaint form to send complaints or documents electronically. For that, you need to use the Danish online complaint form, but you are welcome to fill in the Danish form in English.

The form will help you to

  • send a complaint with attached documents securely
  • provide all the information the Ombudsman needs.

You can also send your complaint in a letter or an e-mail.

We recommend that you use Digital Post to send e-mails to the Ombudsman. You may access Digital Post on

Complaint form

When you complain

Please note the following:

  • State your full name and your postal address.
  • You are welcome to state a telephone number where we can reach you.
  • Attach any documents relevant to the complaint – for instance decisions from authorities.
  • The complaint deadline expires one year from the date when you have received the decision from the highest complaint authority.
  • Complaints about an authority’s case processing time do not need to await a decision by the authority.

File formats

Files can be sent in common formats such as pdf, doc, docx, odt, jpg, xps and png.

Please do not send files in a format that requires special programmes in order to open the files. This may delay the processing of your complaint, and you may be asked to send the material again in another format.

Documents must be sent as attachments to our Danish complaint form or an e-mail or via Digital Post. We do not open documents that have been sent via a link to a cloud-based solution.

Power of attorney form

Before you complain

What happens when the Ombudsman receives a complaint