In the early summer of 2013 the Parliamentary Ombudsman signed co-operative agreements with two government ministries in China. The co-operation will focus particularly on the development of a better administrative structure and anti-corruption measures. 

As an offshoot of these co-operative agreements, Mr Houlin Chen is visiting the Parliamentary Ombudsman office in the period from mid-September till mid-November. Mr Huolin Chen  is Deputy Director General for the Chongqing Bureau of Foreign Experts and has a Ph.D. in economic management. He is visiting Denmark in order to learn more about, among other things, Danish administrative culture, anti-corruption measures and the development of administrative standards and good administrative behaviour.

During the study visit Mr Huolin Chen will visiting a number of different Danish authorities and institutions.

Picture: Billede

During the course of his visit, Mr Huolin Chen has given a talk for the Ombudsman’s staff on, among other things, China’s system for the processing of complaints from its citizens.